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Conveying Systems and Automation

Conveying Systems and Automation

Bottle and Pack Conveyors

Fully “Made in Italy”, Sacmi conveying systems are characterized by modular design and high quality components. They are equipped with stainless steel frame and parts, and with chains of leading brands in the most technologically advanced models.
Bottle conveyors provide the connection among the various machines in the line and their size is designed to guarantee maximum line efficiency, optimum use of the available space, reduction in personnel required, and decreased level of operating noise.
Pack conveyors are developed to transport all different types of packages (crates, boxes, packs, multipacks, etc.). The product range is complete and covers all the needs of the beverage industry, including magnetic curves,  active transfert, accumulation tables, pressure-less inliners, special applications and units.

Sacmi conveying systems are designed to minimize maintenance and facilitate cleaning and washing operations. Special attention has been given to energy savings, by using high efficiency drives systems with synchronous motors with permanent magnet technology (SEW Movigear / DANFOSS One Gear Drive). 
Automation and Line Control
Sacmi automation and line control philosophy allows all components (machines and equipment) and processes within the bottling line to be perfectly tuned, thus guaranteeing maximum line efficiency.
Control system minimizes machine stoppages and stop-and-go operations, the overall performance of the system is thus maximized.
Control operations, tuning and diagnostics are made simple thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive human machine interface based on touch screen PC.
On demand Sacmi can supplies Line Monitoring and Data Acquisition System for single machine and overall line efficiency even monitoring of utility consumption (e.g. steam, air, electricity etc.).

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