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TF39 Tray former solid board


The blanks made of compact cardboard are picked up from the vertical magazine with a vacuum pump system and unloaded onto the main guides. The chain and the belt transfer the blanks below the hot-melt glue guns that apply glue as programmed to close the reinforced corners. During transport, the pneumatic lifters raise the flaps to 90° to fit them into the corner forming and pressing propellers with the glue still hot. The chromium-plated guides and the rubber conveyor belt make forming easier, thus increasing machine performance up to a production capacity of 35 pieces/minute of boxes. Each small and medium sized box includes internal corners, top-flaps, double front walls and sides made of compact cardboard. The pneumatic centering device moves the blanks with the formed corners away from the propellers and towards the forming area. The press pushes the carton into the hopper where all the pneumatic devices fold and press the flaps to form the finished boxes. The boxes exiting the hopper fall onto the TS39 belts and are stacked in two lines in predetermined batches. Every movement is programmed in the PLC memory, which controls the devices in hundredths of a second in order to make forming in different weather conditions and with different types of blanks as easy as possible.

 TF39 layout  TF39 VIDEO    
 Production rate  35 pcs / min.  Minimum box size  140 x 190 mm
 Power required  10 kW  Maximum box size  200 x 300 mm
 Compressed air consumption  26 nl / cycle  Minimum tray size  250 x 350 mm
 Total weight TF39  1300 kg  Maximum tray size  550 x 650 mm
 Dimensions TF39  3200 x 1800 H 1800  Outlet box side and front  TS39


Detail: pneumatic lifter

Detail: transport carpet

Detail: double side


Detail: double head

Detail: solid board trays storage


Detail: display touch-screen

Format: solid board box

 20x30 closed corner,

top-flap and double head & side

Format: solid board corner

 15x20 closed corner,

top-flap and double head & side

Format: solid board box

30x40 closed corner,

top-flap and double head & side


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